Welcoming back our returning 2020 families and newly enrolled families

Nearly the end of Term 1! What a busy time, welcoming back our returning 2020 families and newly enrolled families. We also welcomed a new early childhood teacher Sonya. We have hosted an early childhood student Kelly for the past five weeks.

Due to continued COVID-19 restrictions and moderated face to face educator and family conversations we created a private CVC Families Facebook page.

We invited all our currently enrolled families to send a friend request to connect with the children’s interests, learning and play from the day/week; photos, videos and current information. We created the private page towards building and maintaining a deep connection with your families.

Hebe the assistance dog will be visiting the preschool each Wednesday morning from 10am with her handler Averil. Hebe is very comfortable around children and will be an asset for all staff and children. Hebe will be with us for two to three hours and during that time the children will have the opportunity to be with her and get to know her.

During our team meetings educators reflect on our service philosophy, practice, procedure and policy. We believe a clearer risky play position, a stronger social justice perspective, and an effective inclusion of parent and child voice along with collaborative community involvement in our curriculum would benefit our preschool. If families and community have any feedback on our considerations or any additional content, please let us know via email cvcpreschool@yahoo.com.au, we are very keen to know your thoughts.

The ‘Zones of Regulation’ has been introduced into the preschool everyday curriculum. The zones focus is; being aware of ours and others feelings and seeking the tools needed to manage our feelings, before, during and after, this concept is at the heart of the Zones of Regulation. Early childhood is a reactive environment, and an individual may move through all the zones throughout the day several times. The four zones are:

Blue Zone: is used to describe when one feels sad, tired, sick, or bored.

Green Zone: is used to describe the ideal state of alertness, one may be calm, happy, focused, or content.

Yellow Zone: is used to describe a heightened state of alertness, one may be experiencing stress, frustration, anxiety, excitement, silliness, or fear.

Red Zone: is used to describe an extremely heightened state of alertness one may be experiencing anger, rage, explosive behaviour, panic, extreme grief, terror, or elation.

Wishing everyone a ‘green zone’ day,


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