Wrapping up an unusual 2020
Needless to say 2020 was an unusual year, a year where we needed to alter our preschool practices in order to offer an increasingly safe COVID conscious environment.
Ongoing changing government guidelines resulted in adjustments in the way we previously welcomed and farewelled children and families each day. The process started with families maintaining a 1.5 distance with a quick goodbye within the service to eventually only dropping off and collecting their child at the front courtyard area.

It was a year unfortunately where the preschool needed to place a veil between families, community and the preschool interior, in order to, offer a contained protected setting for children and staff. I believe everyone adjusted well, considering these measures did not benefit ongoing reciprocal relationship building and day to day transference of information and conversation. Weekly family emails, Facebook posts and outdoor curriculum displays hopefully assisted to bridge this gap with families.

On a brighter note, the educators and committee were very pleased to offer parents and graduating children the opportunity to experience a graduation ceremony in November 2020. Given that this graduation ceremony was a little different to the ones in previous years, we hope the experience was a treasured highpoint for children and families.

During mid-year our preschool underwent the national quality rating and assessment process which saw the preschool achieve an Exceeding National Quality Standard result. This was a great accomplishment given that the exercise was conducted during the COVID health crisis.

On the last two Fridays in the year Averil and I conducted orientation visits with our new 2021 families. We met and chatted with our new families, shared information, showcased our wonderful preschool’s natural grounds and indoor facilities. We learnt a little more about each other. All parties found this new opportunity a satisfying successful introduction process!

2021 A new year dawns!
The preschool’s extended hours 8.30-4.00 will further support our families busy lives and commitments. We are anticipating 2021 to be a wonderful year of possibilities, learning and discovery.

We are very much looking forward to seeing our returning children on Thursday 28th January to hear all their holiday news. We will then catch up with our 2021 enrolled children and families during the second week (2nd, 3rd, 4th).

During these holidays the preschool interior is undergoing a ‘facelift’. As I write, the entrance foyer, director office, homeroom and children’s bathroom is getting a fresh coat of paint for a fresh new year!

Looking forward to a great 2021 with everyone! Leonie

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