Wrapping up a remarkable Preschool term

Term 2 was remarkable in many ways, a good number of children returned from a lengthy absence and several new children started. As the term progressed, friendships grew, and relationships were fortified.

The COVID-19 health crisis placed an additional focus on the preschools already stringent health and safety practices. Out of the ordinary measures were introduced in late Term 1 and continued throughout Term 2- 1.5 distancing, educator and visitor temperature checks, no visitors, sanitising on entering and exiting the premises and children’s and educator’s additional handwashing and COVID-19 cleaning of the premises and resources. All these measures will continue when we return in Term 3.

Term 2 was a time of change. Sometimes with change comes uncertainty and this may be displayed in unsettled behaviours. Delivering a consistent ‘arrival’ routine with familiar educators and a regular daily routine will continue to provide a support network and system for families and children. I believe the quick drop offs and pick-ups which are in place with regard to COVID-19 policy did not put too much pressure on our much valued educator and parent conversations. I want to assure parents and carers that we are very receptive in sharing all information and enjoy engaging in active conversation with you, our families. I would like to let you know that accessibility for extended communication via a meeting time or an email is always at hand.

This week’s survey result revealed that parents would like a weekly email rather than a fortnightly hard copy newsletter. Additionally, please keep in touch via our Facebook page!

It has been a busy and rewarding term, it is now holiday time, a time for relaxation, I hope all our families enjoy their two-week break together.

The preschool will reopen on Tuesday 21st July at 9am. I will be available via email throughout the holiday period.

Warm regards


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