Catching up!

It has been a busy time at the Preschool, only six weeks to go till the end of the year! What a year!

Lots to organise and do! Graduation Ceremony, Parent Meetings, End of Year Celebration, Transition to School Statements, Yearly Summaries, 2022 Enrolments and more!

Our Spoonville project has taken flight! We will be busy adding final touches to our village folk this week. We will be placing the spoons next to our Community Street Library for our wonderful supportive community.

Hebe the assistance dog has been spending each Wednesday at our Preschool. The children love her! She is also regular nap taker:)

Our new herb garden is flourishing. Thank you to our families for your donation and contribution to our Garden to Table project. The preschool children embrace gardening wholeheartedly; planting, watering, investigating insects, observing butterflies and bees, noticing the plant changes, harvesting the crops and placing spent plants into the composter. Green thumbs all!

We are very excited introducing and finalising our Bush Kinder program, we will be ‘going bush’ in small groups on a regular basis. We are busy organising a risk assessment, parent permission note and gathering our bush supplies! We have already purchased our bush first aid kit, tarp, rope, hi-vis vests, we still need a strong backpack to carry our supplies; we also need children’s gumboots, a compass, magnifying glasses, A5 sketch books, torches, picnic blanket, camping supplies. If you would like to donate an item, we would be ecstatic to receive!

Please see photos of our bush kinder to be!!!

Catch up again soon

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