Hebe the Golden Retriever

Hebe the Golden Retriever has been become a treasured member of our preschool family. Hebe is a fully trained working Assistance Dog and is used to being in a busy, noisy environment. Hebe has a special licence for her to go into public areas, she has a special blue jacket that she wears which shows she is a working Assistance Dog.

Everyone at the preschool is enjoying her company each Wednesday morning. Children enthusiastically include her in their play, reading to her, tunnel play, hurdle leaping, balancing beam, music etc.

Hebe has her own peg to hold her carry bag. Hebe has her own social story and risk assessment. Children understand that when Hebe stands up and moves away, they need to give her space to rest and renew. Children are very respectful of Hebe, demonstrating consideration, care and kindness.

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