Term 2 Happenings

The children have been exploring all things weird and wonderful during the term; from colours primary and secondary, hands-on real-life sustainable gardening practices through to centipedes/millipedes, and ‘risky play’.

The children have been discovering the concept of ‘risky play in early childhood’, they have been experimenting and pushing themselves on the gym and obstacle course to figure out what will happen, without knowing the exact outcome. Research has found that ‘risky play’ can help develop a child’s self-confidence, resilience, executive functioning abilities and even risk-management skills!



We have also practiced our lockdown drill, fire drill and extreme evacuation procedure.

Term 2 has also been ‘a time of return’ for playdough and clay work! Children have been preparing their daily playdough mixture which laid ‘the foundations for success’ towards our ‘end of term’ celebration cake baking.


With Term 3 around the corner, we will see midyear children’s summaries, parent meetings and staff appraisals commenced and achieved. Connecting with our local schools and readying for school transitioning will commence. We will also introduce a ‘community of learners hub’ for our school transitioning children in Term 3 and throughout term 4.

Each Thursday a REDcycle Warrior will be selected. Our warrior will continue our CVC preschool passion and commitment to recycling our soft plastics.


Looking forward to Term 3!


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